Remember the last time when Wired reported that the Army wants Android battle phones? Well, it still doesn’t officially have a program yet. But now, it looks like it has been confirmed that the U.S. Army is currently working on creating a modified version of Android for soldiers deployed in countries in the Middle East like Afghanistan and Iraq. They are aiming to launch the program sometime in 2013.

We all know that U.S Army utilizes various sophisticated gadgets. They do have underwater cars as well robots known as the BigDogs. They also have other cool things like liquid body armor technology that is currently under development.

Inspite of all these hi-tech gadgets, it’s quite surprising that the U.S. Army doesn’t carry smartphones with all that they can do. I can only imagine what their App Market will look like. Nevertheless, these days will come to an end soon and they will begin to carry Android smartphones in the near future.

International Business Times has just reported that the U.S. Army is presently working on developing an Android OS for soldiers stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Known as the Joint Battle Command-Platform, or JBC-P Handheld, the app will enable users to find enemy locations on a GPS map for other soldiers to see, and allow them to send images of wounds and injuries to medical staff for first aid directives.

According to a military official, the Army initiated to begin creating the software after catching sight of enemy forces using their smartphones as weapons against U.S. Soldiers.

Lt. Gen. Michael Vane said, “One of the most significant feedback you get from soldiers in the theater is when they look at their Afghan counterparts or the Taliban guy who has a cell phone.” He added, “Why would we want to deny that capability to our own soldiers even through the enemy is using them?”

Once the program is launched successfully, what do you see as the next steps of the U.S. Army?

Let’s count this as another reason Android is the best mobile operating system in the world.

Source: Appolicious