As you may know, Hulu has some strange policies for their service. You can’t watch the free version of Hulu on your phone or tablet for example, even though you can on your PC. It seems like an artificial restriction meant to squeeze more money from their customers in my opinion, but hopefully all this will change if Google buys Hulu.

But until then we have something else that will help us watch Hulu on the go, on our mobile devices, and that’s ORB Live. ORB Live allows you to stream Hulu for free – but there is one catch. You have to stream it from your own computer at home. That’s the only way Hulu is going to allow it for now, and even that seems quite controversial.

To be honest, I’m surprised they even allowed that, too. The app pretends the user is accessing the Hulu stream with a regular desktop, because Hulu have pretty much always blocked access to their service for anything than a desktop computer.

All you need to get this is a one time fee of $10, which sounds a lot better than paying a monthly fee for accessing Hulu Plus on your mobile. Although, there is some disadvantage to having only the regular Hulu compared to Hulu Plus. On Hulu Plus you get access to full seasons, and on the free Hulu you get to see only last 3 episodes for some shows.

There’s also content that you get to see only a week after it has been aired on TV. I know, Hulu’s policies are very strange and backward thinking, but again, I hope Google will be able to change all that if they get the networks to play their game. ORB Live takes into account that you may want access to Hulu Plus seasons, if you are already paying for it, so they will let you sign in to your Hulu Plus account as well.

ORB say their app will work on any Android device from Android 1.6 and up, but it will probably work smoother on phones with a 1 Ghz processor and up. Also some users are reporting it’s not working well on Gingerbread on the Android Market so make sure you still have time for a refund if it’s not working on your Android 2.3 device.