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Android One phones can't take pictures or save media without a microSD card?

We haven't tested these yet, but the guys at BGR have, and they found a potential flaw in Android One. It seems a microSD card is paramount for these devices' basic functionality!
September 15, 2014

Android One is meant to be the catalyzer that brings affordable smartphones to emerging markets. The first partners include Micromax, Karbonn and Spice. Nearly 3 months after the Google IO announcement, these devices are finally launching in India for only $100. We have compared these with the competition and they seem to win in the price/quality balance, but there is much more we need to see before we pass judgement.

We haven’t tested these yet, but the guys at BGR India have and they found a big problem with Android One. It seems a microSD card is paramount for these devices’ basic functionality. Apparently one can’t even take a picture if there is no microSD card inserted. It’s not even possible to save a file or download an attachment without external storage!

Android One 001621

We do understand that Android One devices come with a limited 4 GB of storage (about 2.3 GB are free), but that is still storage we should be able to use.

Is Android One local storage really limited to apps and system files? It very well may be. And if that is the case, we sure hope the manufacturers are giving customers at least low storage cards with the purchase of an Android One device. We do know Spice and Micromax hand out a microSD card, though, so it may be required.

Regardless, these limitations should not be placed. Your storage, as limiting as it may be, should be freely available to save whatever files you prefer.