android one (1)

Android One devices have finally launched in India this week and multiple devices are available. These Android One smartphones are great to have as super affordable devices, even if they do have their flaws. We all know the fun part of Android is that developers and fans can tinker with the hardware and software, though.

After all, we do want to make the best out of these cheap, yet limited smartphones. This is why Google has just released the Android One KitKat kernel source.

Today we pushed the kernel source for the Android One device family. The kernel source can be found on the android-msm-sprout-3.4-kitkat-mr2 branch in the kernel/msm project. It’s also tagged with ‘android-4.4.4_r3’. -Bill Yi

With three devices in the market, we are sure more than a few fellow Indian techies would love to play around with this.

Gotta love this Android One initiative. The software is open sourced and the hardware is amazingly affordable. And now you can start working on them. Enjoy!

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