As we sat there at Google I/O, nobody seemed to really grasp what 900 million meant. That was the number of Android activations Google was touting, and it just seemed comically massive. Now that Android chief Sundar Pichai tells us we’ve passed one billion activations, the feeling lingers.

Keep in mind, activations aren’t unique users, but one billion is impressive nonetheless. To put that in perspective, even if we throttle ourselves to the threshold of 900 million and one billion, that first number was mentioned about three-and-a-half months ago, the growth is staggering. Those figures mean Android is experiencing about one million activations daily.

One million, one billion, 900 million. However you want to break it out, it’s hard to grasp. What isn’t hard to understand is what it means for all of us. More activations naturally means more users, which gives hardware manufacturers and developers reason to be involved with Android. The more Android grows, the more devices and apps we’ll see, and more innovation coming of it. Good, bad, or indifferent — this means a lot.

From Sony lenses to Samsung dominance, HTC’s offerings or developers going with Android ahead of other platforms — the ecosystem is strong. One billion is a milestone, and a head scratcher. At the end of the day, it sounds really cool, but let’s be honest: we still don’t really grasp it.

We just know it’s amazing.

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