Why is everybody trying to make the biggest and the best? Why can’t the best also be the smallest? The people over at WIMM Labs have the same mentality and they are trying to take that idea to the bank.

WIMM Labs has innovated a line of personal devices that allow users to literally wear Android. With a simple module that WIMM has designed, users can get a touchscreen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, accelerometer, magnetometer, creative alerts, and a 14-pin connector on an amazingly small gadget such as an Android wristwatch.

The WIMM module can be used on such devices as

  • wristwatches
  • pendants
  • bike clips
  • belt clips
  • USB products

The main idea of the WIMM module is to create “micro-experiences” and place them at the users’ disposal. These include sports, business/finance, fashion, military, and consumer electronics. More specifically, these experiences will deliver information instantly and relevantly–although in a manner more subtle than in a smartphone or tablet.

L-R: Wrist watch, belt clip, USB product

Additionally, this line of devices will allow for an extreme amount of convenience. Now, you can read messages, pay for a drink, or track your workout–all from your wrist. Some of the cool and crazy possibilities could be:

  • Exercise tracking
  • Body sensing, location tracking, and communicating
  • Real-time theme park wait updates
  • complex task lists

Although many of these possibilities can be done on current smartphones (with the right apps, of course), a simple flick of the wrist would be the icing on the cake.

This new spin on Android will offer a very wide variety of possibilities and allow for new innovations. However, my personal take on the idea is allowing for the WIMM device to connect to the average smartphone just like an external monitor. I could never imagine myself giving up a smartphone for a wristwatch. But, the idea of both devices simultaneously connected to the same information sounds like groundbreaking innovation.

Now, imagine accessing your Nexus Prime from your WIMM-powered Android wristwatch.  Would that be amazing, or what?

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