Well Android fans – we are no longer the underdogs. It turns out that their is a new cool kid on the block. Android phones, according to a very recent Nielsen survey, are now cooler than the iPhone. Nielsen surveyed people, as their business is market research, and the results of people surveyed from January-March of this year, showed that 31% of future smartphone owners plan to buy one running Android, which has tip toed past the once great, once mighty iPhone. While the difference currently is 31% wanting an Android phone and 30% wanting an iPhone for the first time, this shift is undoubtedly part of a larger trend.

More significantly, they discovered that 50% of recent smartphone buyers purchased an Android phones, while only 25% purchased an iPhone. And, of course, Android is maintaining a healthy 37% market share in the US.

The future certainly looks bright! With 1 million daily activations likely to occur daily by 2013, how how big do you think Android will get in a few short years?

Via:  Nielsen

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Darcy LaCouvee
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