Android just keeps getting bigger by the minute. This is proven by a recent report on U.S. mobile phone key trends made my comScore, a respected name in the digital metrics. As of July 2011, Google has reached up to 41.8% of the smartphone users in the United States, a 5.4% increase from their April 2011 share of 36.4%.

Its closest competitor Apple also has gain ground at 27%, a 1% increase from their share last April. The casualties of Google’s and Android’s increases are obviously RIM, Microsoft, and Symbian, dropping 4%, 1%, and 0.4%, respectively, of their previous market share from April.

Aside from smartphone market share, the study also reports market share of mobile manufacturers (both smartphone and non-smartphone). Samsung is still ranked as the top original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with over a quarter of the total mobile phone market, followed by LG with over a fifth. Motorola (#3) and RIM (#5) suffered minimal losses, while Apple strengthens its position at #4.

The report also reflects the present mobile content usage in the US, with text messaging (70%) still the top activity for mobile subscribers. Web browsing (41.1%) continues to gain ground, as well as downloading apps (40.6%), social networking (30.1%), playing games (27.8%), and listening to music (20.3%).

The study involved more than 30,000 US mobile subscribers and done from May to July 2011. In the same three month average period, comScore discovered that over 234 million Americans ages 13 and above owned mobile devices, and 82.2 million own smartphones, up by 10 percent from April. This is an interesting turnout, as the top smartphone operating systems Android and iOS are steadily gaining ground, and non-smartphone users are expected to jump ship and use smartphones in the near future.

via InformationWeek

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