Despite literally being pulled from the fires of failure by Android, Motorola have opted to speak out about their desires to push their own new OS as CEO Sanjay Jha clearly puts it; “If I had more money for R&D, I’d be developing an operating platform.” Indeed, Jha states that Motorola require diversity in their portfolio, something I think anyone could agree with. When discussing the possibility about a Windows Phone 7 Jha says, “I’m open to it…I think I need diversity in our portfolio.”

Motorola had a great time of it when they were the first to release an Android based 2.X device. An aggressive marketing campaign saw that the Motorola Droid really did do very well on its opening weekend, and continues to sell faster than what Motorola would have initially anticipated. It would seem that getting on the Android 2.X bandwagon, specifically a build of Android that had the updated Google turn-by-turn navigation software, was the right thing to do. It would seem slightly blasphemous, then, that Motorola are speaking out about the desire to make their own OS. However, viewed in the right context, this is quite a testament to Google’s Android and highlights Motorola’s respect for what Google have accomplished. I think it is safe to say a number of manufacturers are envious of what Google have achieved in such a little time.

[Via Gizmodo]

James Tromans
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