This week, the first curved phone landed, two new Chromebooks launched, we feasted on Kit Kat leaks, we finally saw a Mini flagship phone, we learned about Android TV, and we heard some more rumors about the Galaxy S5.

Curved phones are real

samsung galaxy round flexible display curved screen (4)

Finally, curved phones are a reality. However, as it usually happens, reality is nowhere nearly as exciting as our expectations.

Nexus revealed

Next Nexus 5 leak (2)

A leaked service manual confirmed the specifications of the Nexus 5. Google could go ahead and release it now.

Kit Kat leaks torrent


The floodgates are open: Android 4.4 Kit Kat leaked extensively this week, with the first credible images of the homescreen and information on several new features.

New Chromebooks


Google’s other operating system continues its steady march to mainstream. This week, HP and Acer released two affordable and attractive Chromebooks.

Behold, the mini flagship

xperia z1 f mini press

We’ve been clamoring for a true Android flagship with a smaller screen for months, and Sony is finally set to deliver it. The Xperia Z1 f (Z1 Mini) launched in Japan this week.

Android TV

Google-IO-2013 Google TV logo 1600 aa

Compelling evidence surfaced that Google TV will be rebranded as Android TV in the close future. Android everywhere!

More Galaxy S5 rumors

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung is said to be having trouble selling the Galaxy S4, so it’s now preparing to release the Galaxy S5 early next year. How early? Rumors say as soon as February.

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