SkyTone Android Netbook

SkyTone Android Netbook

There seem to be at least two Android based netbooks knocking around at the moment. We have information on both the i-Buddie prototype, which is currently making its way around the blog sites, but also the Skytone Alpha-680 .

The i-Buddie news is based around a Youtube video (at the bottom of this post) by an Android and Linux enthusiast that goes by the name of leemgs. The video shows Android running on a 10.2 inch display, Intel Atom N270. The whole thing seems to run like a large G1 and overall the video leaves us slightly underwhelmed given the hype behind the Android netbook principle. But all is not lost. Skytone may have the answer with their $100 Android netbook offering.

Their website has recently been updated with the Alpha-680 available in a host of colours, including pink, yellow, and red. Now, Skytone have a history in children’s computing (evident in their corporate logo), and the Alpha-680 is really not much different. Aside from the optional connectivity options of ADSL, WiFi, and mobile internet (GPRS, CDMA,EDGE,WCDMA), the Alpha-680 sports up to 256MB DDR2 memory and up to 4GB of Nand Flash Memory. However, the selling factor for us is what appears to be a 7’’ SWIVEL TFT LCD screen that provides ‘true color’ and offers 800 x 480( WVGA) resolution. This is made complete with gaming-pad controls either side. Check the picture if you’re not clear what we’re talking about. Seriously, if they made this display a touch-screen instead there would certainly be something to shout about. Other specifications include an ARM11 533 MHz 32bit processor, 10/100 MB Ethernet, 2 USB 2.0 slots and SD/MMC card slot with support for SDHC.

Skytone are known for making Skype headsets, so there is certainly the possibility of good Skype integration. All this for $100?

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.