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Hands-on: Android Mini Series 03 collectibles

We got our hands on the Android Mini collectibles Series 3 from Dead Zebra and we have a quick little review for you guys. Meet Sir Knightly Bild, Escape Ape, and all the other quirky members of the Android Mini collectibles family.

Published onSeptember 26, 2012

dyz android mini collectibles

It’s been a longer wait for the Android Mini Series fans this year. Expected to launch in the second quarter of 2012, the third installment of the Mini Series was postponed to the third quarter. But the wait has been definitely worth it. Over here in South East Asia, we basically hounded The Taken Shop for the Android Mini collectibles on a daily basis, and today the Mini collection has arrived.

Quick impressions

Overall, it seems that the paint quality has massively increased. Back in Series 02, there were issues with the paint being quite inconsistent on the Minis. The build quality of the third series feels far better.

Unlike the second series, the third one comes randomized out of the box, and hence, the problem of some buyers cherry picking the rares has been addressed, which is a good thing overall. Moreover, now it’s much more exciting to open a case. Good job to Andrew Bell and the people at DYZ Plastic.

So let’s introduce all the Minis to you:

Android Mini Breakdown


  • RED by Google – 2/16
  • NEXUS by Google – 2/16
  • WHOOGLE THE OWL by Gary Ham – 2/16


  • CLEAR by Google – 1/16
  • BARISTA BOT by Andrew Bell – 1/16
  • INTERGALACTIC by kaNO – 1/16
  • 8-BALL HUSTLER by Sket One – 1/16
  • CRY-ON by MAD – 1/16
  • ESCAPE APE by Kronk – 1/16
  • SIR KNIGHTLY BILD by Andrew Bell – 1/16
  • PANDROID by Kelly Denato – 1/16


  • Scott Tolleson
  • Kronk

RED by Google

Google is continuing its “color series” with the Red Android, and I won’t be surprised to see the Series 04 yielding the yellow one. Basically this one matches back to the 4-colors Nexus logo. The Red Mini is a nice addition, though some might find the solid color paint scheme unattractive.

red - android mini collectibles

NEXUS by Google

The clear series were introduced in Series 02, and these came with clear plastic bodies and a removable head. Nexus is a shaded version sporting the Nexus logo on the front. Modders would have a nice time adding lights and programming this collectible. It also carries a little Nexus Phone on its right Android arm.

nexus - android mini collectibles


Gary Ham made a mark in the previous series with the vanilla and chocolate smelling Androids, and this time, he’s gone cuckoo with Whoogle the Owl. It’s a really nice and detailed addition to the series. But I suspect many people will go berserk cracking a lot of these. Check out his website –

woogle - android mini collectibles

CLEAR by Google

This once comes with a clear (white translucent) body, with another mini Android inside. The head is removable, and the smaller Android inside comes with a turnable head and moving arms and legs. The smaller Android also has a keychain to act as an accessory. This is one of my favorites in the third series.

Swap the mini Android for an apple, and you’ll be able to start trolling those fanboys.

clear - android mini collectibles

BARISTA BOT by Andrew Bell

The Barista Bot is another favourite of mine, mainly because it smells of coffee! Yup, you’ve got that right. A coffee smelling Android that you’ll love waking up in the morning to.

barista - android mini collectibles


This one is a very nice too. The details and metallic paint on this mini really make it stand out. Also, written on its forehead is the word “death”. The aura of mystery makes this Huck Gee creation an impressively outstanding one. Reminds me of a Shimigami (Japanese death god). Huck Gee’s website –

skully - android mini collectibles


Wielding a microphone in its left arm, Intergalactic seems to be a tribute to the Beastie Boys. We are not clear of kaNO’s connection to the band, but it’s one fine Android Mini. kaNO’s website –

intergalactic - android mini collectibles

8-BALL HUSTLER by Sket One

8-Ball Hustler will remind you of two things – a pool ball and the magic 8 ball. This could be a tribute to the Nexus Q, but we could be wrong. Either way, the paint job on this Mini shines like a pool ball. It comes with a detachable hat and pool stick, with which we recommend you to be gentle, unless you intend to break them. Website –

hustler - android mini collectibles


If you have seen the video, you’ll automatically love this paint spray execution by MAD. The detachable head comes with a plastic ball in plastic wrap to prevent cherry picking, and is perhaps one of the Android Minis that truly stand out in the third series. Website –

cry on - android mini collectibles


Another iconic design in the 3rd series is the Escape Ape by Kronk. Although the previews on the DYZ Plastic blog didn’t seem to make this Mini stand out, it’s a very different feeling when you have it in your hands. The design might make one ‘go ape’ collecting these Minis. Website –

escape ape - android mini collectibles


Sir Knightly Bild would fit on any RPG loving Android fan’s table. Designed by Andrew Bell himself, this one sparks a grisly bearded-looking Android dwarf. It also spots an awesome pair of wings on the back of its armor. However, I wished they had given it an axe, like the way they gave the 8-Ball Hustler the pool stick.

sir knightly bild - android mini collectibles

PANDROID by Kelly Denato

Not to be outdone by the rest, steps in a cuddly monster with a flute! Pandroid by Kelly Denato will win your heart instead of eating it. The flute comes protected in protective plastic to prevent damage. It does take a little effort to put it on, but it’s well worth it.

pandroid - android mini collectibles

The GOOD stuff – Rares

Yes! In any Android Mini Series, the best stuff is the rarest. The three rares that we got in the third series are quite good. Two of them are by Scott Tollenson, and one by Kronk.

(From left, Scott Tollenson’s Orange Rare, Kronk’s Rare, and Scott Tollenson’s Green Rare)

Sadly, the two rares by Scott Tollenson feature the same design with different colourization. The Kronk design, however, is bloody impressive. Although the design similarities of Scott Tollenson’s two rares might be a turn off for some, a rare remains a rare.

At the Taken Shop, we cracked open about five cases and we got several Orange Scott Tollenson rares, while the Green version and the Kronk rare were rather elusive. I am not sure if the distribution of these rares is uniform, but I’m glad to be able to showcase them for you to see.

We are negotiating a giveaway of the Android Mini Series 03 collectibles for all our Android Authority readers, so until that happens, do continue to check out our site.

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