We’ve been keeping tabs on Dyzplastic’s series of mini Android collectibles over the past few weeks, and now the time has come. The Android Mini Series 03 collectibles are finally available for sale via blind box, and we’ve got a preview showing what you might end up getting.

While you can’t be sure what you’ll get, it’s sure to be awesome. Some of the possible figures include Sir Knightly Bild, Whoogle the Owl, Pandroid, Professor Skully McRivethead, Escape Ape, 8-Ball Hustler and Nexus, who carries a tiny, non-working Nexus phone. These little guys are only getting one production run, making them far more collectible than the last series was, but also much more difficult to get your hands on.

The figures are temporarily sold out in the Dead Zebra, Inc. Store, but there is a message saying more of the figures will be available again tonight at 11p.m EDT. Dyzplastic said on September 19 that Android Mini Series 03 figures “should start popping up in toy, collectible, comic and specialty Android retailer locations and websites within the next few days.” A list of locations that may carry the figures is available on the Dyzplastic website.

Dyzplastic has been careful not to show off all the possible figures to avoid spoiling the surprise for those who get their hands on rare figures, so you may get something not shown here. The figures that have been shown are displayed in the gallery below.

If these are the figures they’re showing to everyone, imagine what the rare figures might look like.

Have you got your order in yet?