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Android meets Ubuntu, makes a smashing debut

August 6, 2012

Once upon a time, Linux was a small experiment running in the backrooms of NOC (Network Operations Centers) and MIT/Berkeley labs. Then came the Internet and the home computing craze and the advent of the OS for the consumer side. If Windows and macOS were the two mainstream choices you were thinking of, you’d be right. However, Canonical has changed that over the last 5 years with their OS, Ubuntu.

Well known in the home computing hobbyist circles, Ubuntu strives to meet demands with each release, by being the “Windows” of the Linux world. All of the things you love about Windows such as ease of install, hardware detection, easily navigated interface, familiarity between upgrades, are available with Ubuntu. And it appears as if Ubuntu is now colliding with Android for a tasty mix.

Judging by the video below, this version of the OS is mostly a fully functioning layover on top of Android, albeit with a small delay in performance. Full version software that one can use on a larger scale device, such as a laptop, can be installed and run with ease. If you like the Asus PADfone and the idea of running your phone on a larger scale, but don’t want to be limited to your manufacturer’s OS, this may be just the thing you were looking for. Details about installation requirements, what phones it works on, and when this version will be available to the public are forthcoming so we’ll keep our eyes peeled and let you know when we hear more!