The main problem that Android tablets have nowadays is trying to match the iPad. Going head-to-head in terms of features, functionality, and design with Apple’s tablet juggernaut is a daunting proposition. Apple’s early push has made it the benchmark of all future tablets; with a capacitive touchscreen and SSD, the iPad is a difficult beast to beat in terms of specs.

Another big problem is the price point – you can get cheap Android tablets; but don’t even think they’ll be a match for the iPad. Of course, the higher-end Android tablets can exceed the Apple’s current favorite in terms of performance and specs; but they’re a tad too expensive for the average user. This has resulted in Windows and Android tablets trailing behind in the adoption race for being the premier tablet OS.

Well, a boost for Android OS adoption maybe coming from an unexpected direction. Amazon has recently announced that its cheapest version of their Kindle e-reader product has become a bestseller. The cheap price is because of the WiFi and 3G being stripped out and having the entire experience be subsidized by a minimum of ads.

You may not like advertisements popping up, but Amazon’s unobtrusive ad approach, either through a banner on the home screen or in the screen savers of the product, may herald a new way of lowering the price of tablets. As it is, the ads have managed to cute nearly 30 dollars off of the Kindle’s price tag.

This is encouraging news for manufacturers hoping to bring down prices and raise profit margins. This may also be a hint on what sort of attack plan Amazon may have when it enters the tablet market, a rumor that has recently been confirmed by Jeff Bezos himself. So, better expect some ads to come with that Android installation in the future.