Some of the new features on the Android Market arrive with loud fanfare, but others just quietly creep in. The latest new feature introduced into the Android Market belongs to the latter category. The Android Market now shows a line graph showing the install history within the past 30 days of any app on the Android Market.

The line graph is shown on the right side bar, just right below the total number of installs. Here’s an example of the install history line graph for the world-famous Angry Birds app for Android:

Although the non-obtrusive graph offers very little information about an app, it does show in visual form the trend of an app’s popularity within a given 30-day period.

The Android Market also recently introduced new useful features for “shoppers” on the Market. One example is the breakdown of an app’s star ratings. Prior to the introduction of this particular feature, an app’s page only showed the average rating. The new feature now shows not just the overall average rating for the app and the total number of installs, but also the breakdown of how many users gave it a rating of 5,4, 3, 2, or 1.

Another new feature is the support for multiple APK uploads. This feature directly impacts app developers, especially when it comes to easier app management and distribution. Although, users are also indirectly affected–hopefully for the better–by the new feature.

As an app developer or Android app user, what Android Market features would be most helpful and beneficial to you?