Recently, the Android Market web store has gone through some changes. First off, now that the Google Music Store has been announced, Google integrated it into the Android Market along with applications and books. Secondly, the web store gained the ability to email developers about issues, bugs, or even compliments on the apps. Finally, the new update adds filters for user reviews. More specifically, after choosing an application from the Market’s web store home page and clicking the “user reviews” tab, Android users are now able to filter reviews by:

  • Version (All Versions or a Specific Version)
  • Device (All Devices or Your Specific Device)
  • Helpfulness
  • Rating
  • Date Posted

As you can see, this new added feature will make it easier to search through reviews to get good information on whether or not an application is made of high quality. In addition, now that you can filter reviews by device, you can easily find out if the app plays well with your device or not.

As a whole, the Android Market has come a long way since 2008, let alone the release of the web store in February of this year (2011).

Do you enjoy the online version of the Android Market? Or do you find it unnecessary? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Engadget

Matthew Sabatini
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