Another big milestone for Google and Android. Last month Google’s Android Market hit 10 Billion downloads – the Android Market is also seeing about 1 billion downloads per day – and today it was announced that the Android Market now has 400, 000 apps available for download. The iOS Store has 500,000 apps – which counts both iPhone and iPad apps – so Google is closing in on the competition, already passed Windows Phone mobile a while ago.

Great growth for an app market that has only been around for about three years. On average thats about 133,000 new apps every year! The year of 2011 was a big year for Android, hitting 200,000 apps in the market in April then hitting 300,000 just four months later and finishing off 2011 with 400,000 apps in December. In other words the Android Market has more then doubled it’s number of apps in the past year.

Help us in Congratulating the Android Market and all of the developers that make the apps that we use everyday like Tweetdeck, Facebook for Android, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Pulse, and about 400,000 more of them. What are your predictions on how long before the Android Market beats out Apple’s App Store for the biggest App store or market? Let us know in the comments.