Sweet Android high school japanese manga

Geeks love Android and geeks love manga, so the Japanese comic called “Sweet Android High-school” seems a match made in heaven.

Featuring characters that symbolize the major Android manufacturers, from Moto-Laura-chan (Motorola) to Soni-Eri-chan (Sony Ericsson), the new comic is published in the storied Japanese PC magazine ASCII.

Here’s the basic premise – Professor Google teaches at the Android highschool, where students include:

  • Moto-Laura-chan (Motorola)
  • Sam-Sung-chan (Samsung)
  • H-T-Syee-chan (HTC)
  • Elle-G-chan (LG)
  • Soni-Eri-chan (Sony Ericsson)

Sweet Android high school japanese manga


These are all international students, but Japanese manufacturers are represented by Sharp (Sharp-chan), Fujitsu-Toshiba (Fuji-Toru-chan), and Casio-NEC (Kashio-Nko-chan).

All the students are girls, depicted in typical manga fashion. They all wear distinctive signs that give away their identity; for instance, Moto-Laura-chan chews bubblegum and wears an M-shaped tiara in her blond hair, which resembles the Motorola logo.

Fittingly, Professor Google is married to Moto-Laura-chan, but worry not, he doesn’t give her any advantages over the other students.

Apple is represented too. As you would expect, Apple-kun attends a different high school and he constantly argues with, who else, Sam-Sung-chan.

If you want to learn more about Professor Google and the gang, head over to the source. There’s also a full description of each character on the Weekly ASCII website, in Japanese.

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