It was back in March when the “DroidDream” epidemic started to infect the Android Market, causing privacy leakage, among other things. The malware was implanted in repackaged, authentic apps, and uploaded to the market by certain developers. During that time, Google removed over 50 infected apps from the market and deleted the infected apps saved in many devices remotely to inhibit further growth of the malware.

Even though Google has actively implemented measures to eradicate “DroidDream” malware, it still persists in the market and infected several apps last week. Once more, Google intervened to remove these infected apps, and was successful in this regard. Seemingly, there were still remains of the “DroidDreamLight” malware and Google had no choice but to do away with them for our safety.

Most recently, it appears that there is more information developing about a new version that functions just like the previous malware according to North Carolina State University Blog and this time, they call it the “DroidKungFu”. They said that the malware was created in an advanced way to circumvent detection of mobile security apps like Lookout. They also added that the malware sets up a “backdoor that gives hackers full control of your phone”. As a result, all the user information stored in the device will be uncovered turning your device into a bot. What’s worse is that a hacker would theoretically be able do anything they want with your device, remotely.

Based on reports, the malware mostly rides on third party apps so be extra careful in choosing the apps you download and always read the comments. It was also declared that it can only infect devices with Android 2.2 and earlier, as Google has already secured devices running Android 2.3.

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Source: North Carolina State University Blog