A recent study by Market Share shows that Android led the way with a 54.8% increase in mobile browsing between November and December, and that 1.3% of all internet browsing is now done on a mobile phone.  Compare that number to February 2009 when mobile browsing was a mere .57% of all web browsing and these numbers start to become very impressive.  Verizon’s aggressive ad campaign for the Motorola DROID has had an impact along with the many new Android devices released amongst numerous carriers this holiday season.  It is great to see Android picking up steam as we head into an exciting Q1 with new devices and new carriers all around the world.

Comparative numbers and a graph illustrating the increase are after the jump.

[via AndroidGuys]

Mobile O/S Percentage Gain (November – December)
Android +54.8%
Blackberry +22.2%
iPhone +20.1%
Symbian +19.0%
Java ME +15.6%

As you can see, all of the major mobile browsing platforms saw great increases mainly due to the holiday push but Android took a giant leap ahead of anyone else by over double the rate of increase of the #2 spot belonging to Blackberry.

Mobile browsing increase