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Recent Android L build shows off tweaked navigation and status icons

A recent build of Android L shows off tweaked navigation and status bar icons when compared to the current Android L preview build.
September 30, 2014

Releasing Android L as a developer preview was a big change for Google this year, and while the build is actually reasonably stable (I’ve been using it every day on my Nexus 5 since it came available), the reality is that it is an unfinished product and likely is missing many features and final touches that will hopefully be revealed to us soon enough.

With that in mind, a new video was recently posted up on the Chromium Issue Tracker in which a Chromium crash takes place. While that’s not particularly exciting, it is worth noting that this apparently 5-day-old build (LRW87D) of Android L has some noticeable cosmetic changes when compared to the current developer preview.

L Dev Preview left, more recent build to the right.
L Dev Preview left, more recent build to the right.

First, there’s the navigation icons, although they still look like they were borrowed from a Playstation controller, they are now smaller in size and more spaced out when compared to the preview build. At the top status bar there’s also changes such solid icons (no breaks for wi-fi signal, etc) and a clock with a bold, smaller Roboto font.

None of these changes are too huge but bottom-line is, even if you having been using L since the beginning, there are likely plenty of changes in store for you when the final release arrives (hopefully) in October.