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What will Google apps look like in the new Android L?

Along with Android L, Google's new Material Design website is filled with resources and information on their newest design practices. It is also filled with app designs for all of our favorite Google services.
June 26, 2014
Android L Files Responsive Design

As we’ve long speculated, Google is launching a new design to their apps and services. With Today’s announcement at Google I/O for the upcoming Android L release, we’re seeing a lot of what is to come for Google’s services.

Google has launched a Material Design website. The site is designed to introduce and guide developers through updating or creating new apps and websites with Google’s new design methods. To that end, the site is a treasure trove of examples of what to expect for Google’s services moving forward.

Included in the available images are Contacts, Gmail, Gallery/Photos, Hangouts, Keep, Keyboard, Settings, YouTube and more.


Just like we speculated in our Quantum Paper post, the new designs follow the current Google+ app design. A solid flat color graces the top of the screen, the hamburger menu makes its way clearly onto the screen, instead of hovering on the edge, and a few new icons hit the page. In addition to what we are seeing here, there is a huge introduction to a lot of animation and transition effects.

The animations and transitions are an overall design to the entire Android OS, so we’ll get back to the Google apps in particular.

Most services have their own unique color, which we expect will travel across all platforms. For example, Google Drive may maintain the example color blue through the Android app, web interface, iOS and more.

Have a stroll through the gallery below.

As you can see, Google has nailed down a consistent look that flows through their suite of apps and services. Not only that, but the design is injected into the new Android L release itself. We look forward to checking out the developer release when it pushes out on day two of Google I/O.

What do you think, I hope you will agree that the unified design is a good thing, but do you like the style of choice?