Android L release is pretty great, with its improved battery life and cool new features. But it’s still a preview, meaning that it has a fair share of issues and even features that are missing altogether.

One such feature is the banal Clear Notifications button in the notification/settings dropdown, which is, for reasons unknown, missing from the L release preview firmware on the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013). Sure, it’s not an issue for all users, but if you use your device intensively, you might miss the ability to quickly do away with annoying notifications from your apps. Especially if you’re a heavy Yo or Yo, Hodor user…

If you’re suffering from this decidedly first world problem, Koushik Dutta, of AllCast, Clockwork, and formerly CyanogenMod fame, has got you covered. Koush came up with a simple app that adds a handy Clear Notifications button at the top of your notification stack. You can download the app here and direct your eternal gratitude towards Koush here.

koush clear notifications

Of course, Google will probably rectify the omission by the time L release goes public sometime this fall. A few months never seemed so long.

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