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Android Jelly Bean statue overheats and melts, could it be more than an accident?

July 3, 2012

Right before it kick-started the I/O keynote from last week, Google erected a new green statue on its headquarters’ lawn, confirming what we knew for a while, that Jelly Bean was going to be unveiled. The 4.1 version of the OS has been introduced to the public, and, although it has widely been received with enthusiasm and appreciation, Jelly Bean still has a major “bug” that needs to be fixed.

No, there’s no problem with the new Voice Search (which actually kicks Siri’s you-know-what), the resizable app widgets, or the expandable notifications, but Jelly Bean’s statue has gotten itself into a major pickle.

“His head partially melted and popped off”, said, visibly affected by the tragic event, Dan Morrill on his Google Plus page, but “the designer is already working on a bug fix”. I know, it sound serious, but you shouldn’t panic just yet, because it seems that JB has miraculously survived the overheating and will only undergo some light reconstructive surgery to get back to its old sexy, quirky self.

Notice how ICS is creeping on poor JB, preparing its cowardly attack.

Trustworthy sources from inside Google’s HQ who will remain anonymous for obvious reasons have, however, come up with a different explanation than the official one for Jelly Bean’s “health issues”. According to the tip, the Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Gingerbread, and Ice Cream Sandwich statues felt threatened by this unwanted new fellow that stepped onto their territory and plotted for several days against poor JB.

Our sources have told us that it’s still unclear how the gang managed to hurt Jelly Bean while making it look an accident, or which one of the plotters was the brains behind the operation. However, we’ve been told that a confidential investigation is currently taking place in Mountain View, California, and that detectives have already picked up on a couple of solid leads.

One of the statue’s jelly beans has been apparently stolen, too, but regarding this particular event, there’s no clue as to who did the deed. Then again, we’re pretty confident that, if a bean was actually taken from the “crime scene”, we’ll soon be spotting it over on Ebay or other similar auction website.