Good news for Android! Millenial Media recently released its June report, revealing significant gains of Android in the market (at least in Millenial’s ad network). For the seventh consecutive month, Android ranks as the top mobile OS, with 16 out of the top 20 devices running on it.

While Apple remains to be the top device manufacturer, it can’t be denied that the cumulative percentage of manufacturers using Android for their devices greatly outnumber that of Apple. It is interesting to note, however, that Research in Motion (RIM) still has 11% share over device manufacturing, and that three out of the top 20 devices are RIM phones running on Blackberry OS.

Android also accounts for a 54% impression share, according to Millenial. Quarter over quarter, it grows a significant 11%. Top movers include Samsung Nexus S, with impressions more than doubling from last month’s, and the HTC Thunderbolt, showing up in the charts despite its being just recently released.

For the rest of the findings, connected devices like tablets and iPod Touch continue their rise based on impressions, with a 13% growth month-over-month for 18% impression share.

It was also revealed that users are turning to their tablets to accomplish tasks that they have done before through their TVs, PCs, or e-Readers. Upon acquiring a tablet, 29% of the respondents have e-mailed less through their computers, 27% browsed less and watched videos through it.

For mobile apps, games (27%) remain to be the top category for downloads, followed by music and entertainment (13%) and mocial or mobile social networking.

To view the full report, download here.

via ReadWriteWeb