On November 11, 2011 or 11-11-11 at 11:11, the Earth’s multitude of voices from different races, ages, and locations will unite in a cacophony of digital sound, in a move to unite Android and iOS users all over the globe.

The project, dubbed as Massive Symphony, attempts to create the largest symphony orchestra in the world, with the help of the 111111 app.

How does it work? Once the free app is downloaded and installed on your smartphone, it will begin playing music at 11:11 (GMT+1), simultaneous with every other user on the planet that has the app installed. Music will continue to play for every hour until 10:11 so that everyone will have a chance to join in on the fun, regardless of which time zone you’re in.

When the music stops playing, you can then go online to view a map showing everyone who participated in creating the world’s largest orchestra.

Here’s the promo video to pique your interest in this milestone:

Interested in making your voice heard and in being a part of this historic event? Download the 111111 app from the Android Market now. For iOS users, stay tuned as the app will be made available for you really soon.

Do you think there’s a big chance for Android and iOS fans to drop their guns for a while and enjoy some music together?  Are you participating in the Massive Symphony project?

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