Projected Android and iOS’s share in the U.S. mobile gaming market advanced to 58% by the end of this year. The study done by Flurry Analytics puts the tandem at first place ahead of head-on competitors Nintendo with 36% and Sony with just 6%. The joint market shares of Android and iOS translate to about US$1.9 billion revenue which is $500 million higher than that of Nintendo and Sony’s combined.

Just 2 years ago, Nintendo took the lead at 70% followed by Sony with 11%. The following years saw the decline of the two gaming giants as Android and iOS got more popular.

The increase is simultaneous with the sales growth of smartphones and tablets. With the integration of gaming abilities to these gadgets, Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable sales have been negatively affected.

iOS and Android applications available online are sold at US$0.99 while Sony and Nintendo off-the-shelf cartridges or UMDs usually cost US$25 to US$40. The low pricing scheme, easy digital access, and 24-hour availability make applications more user-friendly for the growing mobile market.

Out of the 12 billion monthly use sessions of 80,000 iOS and Android applications, gaming sessions amount to 4.8 billion.

Beyond this year, the increasing trend is expected by Flurry to continue along with the increase in number  of Android smartphones and tablets and further development of both platforms by primary OEM’s in the U.S.  Plus, the trend will most likely increase further, especially with the release of the gamer-friendly NVIDIA Tegra 3 and other quad-core chipsets from other CPU makers.

What device do you use for mobile gaming?  Do you use Sony’s or Nintendo’s products?  Or do you use Apple or Android products?

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