For those with both Android and iOS devices in their household, having one cable to charge them all could certainly come in handy. That’s where the iOS + MicroUSB Charging Cable comes in.

By far, the most unique feature on this MFi-Certified charging cable is its compatibility with both Android and iOS devices. The cable itself has a Micro USB end, and comes with a Lightening cable adaptor that stays on the cord at all times. In fact, the cable can be used with any device with a Micro USB port, or any device with a Lightening port. The cable measures 6 feet in length, ensuring that you won’t need to stay close to the wall outlet when your device is charging.

You can find the 6Ft. iOS + Micro USB Charging Cable on our AA Deals page, being offered for $18.99. It’s worth noting that the price is set to increase to $21 tonight at 6PM PST — so now is the best time to buy.

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