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Android and iOS devices adopted faster than any other consumer tech ever

Android and iOS devices are being adopted faster than any other consumer technology in history. The smartphone revolution is worldwide and it is far from over.
August 28, 2012

If you need any proof of the popularity and desirability of smartphones and tablets right now then here it is. Across the world we have been buying Android and iOS devices faster than any other consumer technology in history. That’s according to research by Flurry, which estimates that there were over 640 million Android and iOS devices in use during July 2012.

To give a comparison, Flurry is claiming that Android and iOS adoption is:

  • 10 times faster than the PC revolution
  • 2 times faster than the Internet boom
  • 3 times faster than social media growth

When we break down the numbers by country it’s clear that the U.S. is leading, but China is likely to overtake it in the very near future. That becomes even clearer when we take a look at the growth rate in various countries. China is miles ahead of the pack, followed by Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and Iran.

We can clearly see why the growth rate is slowing in countries like the U.S. when we take a look at the overall penetration for 15-64 year-olds and find that saturation points are fast approaching. The top three are Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sweden. As Flurry points out, each country has a strong history in consumer technology and a relatively small population. Australia is in fourth place with 79 percent adoption, followed by the U.S. on 78 percent, and the UK is down at 74 percent.

The final chart shows app usage and it paints a picture of increasing worldwide adoption of Android and iOS devices. The percentage of worldwide usage attributed to the U.S. is falling because the rest of the world is fast adopting smartphones and tablets.

Android tablets and the iPad will account for some of these statistics but the vast majority of the devices in question will be Android smartphones and iPhones. The smartphone appears to be the most desirable consumer technology on the planet at the moment and it is driving phenomenal international growth. China is the market to target right now and the competition is really heating up as the top manufacturers clamor to get a slice of that action.