Some screenshots of what seems to be Ice Cream Sandwich, Google’s yet to be released Android version made it online this week at Android Police and RootzWiki. Both sites however confirmed that their photos are really of the highly-anticipated OS and that they come from a credible source.

So what details about ICS are revealed with the leaked photos? The most obvious change is the blue user interface, plus the notifications bar was really altered for ICS. Google also has yet to release what Android version number ICS will carry, but the build number on the About menu says IRK36B.

Other leaked details are on the camera’s panorama mode, a revamped Gmail to go with the new OS, a button looking like a tray with multiple app icons (possibly for multitasking), Google search bar and apps launcher very much like the ones in Honeycomb, and changes are basically on UI so older devices might also be able to run on ICS.

Furthermore, the Nexus Prime is reported to be the first handset to carry the Ice Cream Sandwich, but users of Nexus S need not worry, as it will receive the software version via an update.

Google has obviously kept the development of ICS a secret ever since it was formally announced, but the first leaked photos are definitely a signal that more are yet to come, and the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, the Honeycomb-Gingerbread combo, is just a trip to the fridge away. ICS is reported to be released in October.

via Android Police