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Android @ Home Wants To Automate Your House

May 15, 2011

As kids growing under a Mechanical Engineering father working at a refinery, we were constantly kept in the loop with the top technology and science magazines back in the day. One recurring article we’ve always seen in them was these futuristic homes run by computers and power-saving smart appliances. It all seemed crazy then, but Google plans to change all that with Android @ Home.

Android @ Home is basically a Home Automation system that uses an Android device with wireless or internet hooks to accessories or devices – like your various home appliances – and will enable control over them with certain parameters like a schedule or manual override when you forgot to turn off the stove.

With this year’s Google I/O conference, the world’s number 1 search company is now developing a standard for USB, Bluetooth, and other interfaces for a great many types of accessories. With this, the possibility of a home automated entirely through Android devices becomes quite simple. We gather an application will allow you to access the functions of your home appliances and lights and be able to put them on a schedule or manually turn them on or off – just like those magazines said they would.

With current scheduler applications for Android like the Tasker app for smartphone capabilities, it’s not much of a far-fetched dream anymore. Once Google delivers on the API for these accessories and appliance manufacturers start using them, then an Android-controlled home wouldn’t be too absurd to imagine.

We’re definitely looking forward to having our Android’s do some lifting on our homes – we imagine it could interface with your house alarms and security, cameras if any, switch lights on and off, open or close the garage door, and be able to remotely deactivate appliances left accidentally running. What we could be fearful of though, is potential security risks should any dubious entities get a hold of control of our Android-controlled home – or something more tangible would be if the application crashes.

We hope these bugs and security risks get addressed before Android @ Home fully rolls out, but for now, let’s wait for it to mature.