Nexus Skating 600

If you like Android and being festive, then this story is for you. Via its Nexus Google+ page, Google released this year’s holiday wallpapers. Our favorite mascot is seen enjoying a campfire with his friends, playing with his Nexus 7 by the hearth, ice skating, and even DJ-ing a house party in an Igloo. Is there anything he can’t do?

An abominable snowman playing guitar, a polar bear using a tablet, and break-dancing penguins. What’s not to like? Google always surprises us with its sense of humor and tongue-in-cheek use of our favorite little green guy, and this year is no different. The images are fun, perfect for your device wallpaper or sending some cards to friends and family. Find them below, or download the full-size images on the Nexus Google+ page.