According to ChangeWave, consumer demand and awareness of Google Android has increased well over 300% compared to the previous month’s statistics. ChangeWave Alliance Research Network is a group of 25,000 highly qualified business, technology and medical professionals – as well as early adopter consumers – who work in leading companies of select industrie. ChangeWave surveys its network members weekly on a range of business and consumer topics, and converts the information into a series of proprietary quantitative and qualitative reports.

Demand for Windows Mobile and Palm have both dropped, along with Apple’s iPhone OS. It is the combined drop over these three operating systems which has given rise to the 15% gain experienced by Android. In truth, iPhone’s OS is the biggest loser in absolute terms, but as a percentage of the overall demand for their devices, Apple still looks quite healthy. This is mainly thanks to the large demand for the iPhone OS from previous months.

So which manufacture will benefit from all this Android attention? Well it would seem from the statistics presented by ChangeWave that Motorola are the company behind the change and will indeed benefit accordingly. Check out a few more graphs after the jump.

James Tromans

Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.