Looks like Android is heading down under. Young Aussie entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan from Kogan Technologies has announced plans to launch an Android Phone in Australia for AU$199 (about US$140) by Christmas. Apparently he’s getting the device made-to-order in China using stock parts. The device is planned to incorporate a touch screen and track ball but will omit a real keyboard.

We think It’s a brilliant idea but we can’t help but wonder about the amount of quality control the device will undergo with Christmas being only 7 weeks away. So far the device doesn’t even have a name.

Kogan Technologies is a bit of an upstart in the Australian electronics market, undercutting everybody by selling Kogan-branded Chinese goods (usually LCD TVs) direct to customers via their website. Kogan products have a reputation for being hampered by silly user-interfaces so making a phone based on the open source Android is a smart move.

Kogan won’t be the first to offer a deal like this, certainly if it’s as easy to do as he clearly seems to think.

[via Androidguys]