As Android fans, we enjoy hearing success stories. Worldwide market share is dominant, and we like what Android has to offer over other platforms. It seems a new, amazing device is on offer weekly, and the customization is mind boggling.

A recent report from Business Insider made us all scratch our heads a bit. It seems Android activation is leveling off in the US, a trend we’re not used to for prolonged periods. Even more concerning was the holiday season, which saw a downward trend, one that continues into 2013.

Of course, this allows for Apple and other operating systems to encroach on Android’s territory. If the chart above is any indication, Apple is making up ground on Android. This levels the playing field a bit for everyone involved, but is it a problem for Google?

Perhaps this trend is due to Android leveling off a bit in terms of updates. Since Ice Cream Sandwich, nothing major has come from Android. JellyBean is an improvement, but ICS was a huge leap forward from Gingerbread, and even Honeycomb. The next iteration will be an improvement, we’re sure, but also a natural progression rather than a leap forward.

Perhaps the world waits in anticipation. Google Glass is coming, and the rumored Motorola X line has a lot of grassroots hype. Over the holiday season, there were plenty of great deals to be had… but no great devices. The Nexus 4 wasn’t ready for the holidays, and Samsung hadn’t yet delivered their much anticipated Galaxy S4.

Do we have anything to concern ourselves with? Not really. This is currently worth attention, but not alarm. Overall growth remains strong for Android, but if this trend continues, we’ll start to question it in detail.


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