GfK RT Global Retail Group Japan

GfK Marketing Services Japan Ltd.

GfK Marketing Services Japan Ltd. have released figures that fall squarely inline with Gartner, reporting that Android OS is already the most popular in the US and has recently overtaken Symbian as the most popular smartphone software in eastern Asia. These figures are based on Q3 reports from this year.

“Smartphones are the key drivers of the telecommunications industry at this moment. GfK’s retail audit findings are showing impressive, almost three-fold increase in value of the industry when we compare sales figures from the latest quarter to the same quarter* a year ago,” said Mr Gerard Tan, Regional Account Director for Telecommunications, GfK Asia Pte Ltd. “While only 1.27 million smartphones were sold in the third quarter of last year, over 4.7 million units were sold in the same quarter this year, signifying a growth of nearly 270 percent!”

While the smartphone is becoming ubiquitous,  there are still a number of key players fighting it out. It will be very interesting to see how Windows Phone 7 does when we get the Q4 and Q1 2011 data in, because that will inform us whether Android, Apple, Symbian and Windows are all in the running. Android and HTC are doing very well together in Asia, and Samsung have helped spread the word there too. The OS is becoming known for his high-end powerful smartphones. Indeed, Android internet use may soon outweigh standard desktop and laptop computer use for browsing the web.