Mobile game developer Glu has now made two of its games, Bonsai Bash and Brain Genius2, available for free on the Android Market. While not exactly pushing the limits of the Android platform, the games are fun and are well worth the free download.

Gaming on Android obviously won’t really take off untill everyone is able to buy apps from the Android Market in Q1 next year, but the future is looking very bright indeed. For starters the G1 is powered by a snappy Qualcom processor with hardware 3D acceleration, so expect the new games to graphically bash the bonsai out of the current limited selection.

Also of note is that apart from traditional see-screen, push-button games there’s also a whole bunch of (ahem) Mobile Multiplayer Trans-Reality Games or MMTRGs in the works. A MMTRG uses the phone’s GPS to locate and interact with other players around you. It’s got the potential to do for mobile gaming what the Wii did for consoles. Some examples of MMTRGs include a reality-imposing RPG called Parallel Kingdom, a skirmish game called Wi-Fi Army, and a hide-and-seek gaming framework called Joyity. Check out for more details.

Fun times ahead.