Renting nowadays is usually reserved apartments or cars. Everyone knows that renting a DVD or a game is often a sub-par choice when you can actually buy a cheap digital copy or just stream it on the Internet. However, T-Mobile and WildTangent seem to be planning on changing that.

The two companies are reportedly developing a way to rent out games on the Android platform. The core basis of their planned strategy is to provide a one-day rental window for any purchases who want to try out the games produced by WildTangent. After the rental window, renters can choose to end their usage of the game or buy the game completely. A small fee of  $0.25 is set for the rental, and if the renter does purchase the game, it will be deducted from the normal price.

The T-Mobile network will be the first place the system will be implemented, and subscribers will be the first to experience the scheme, which bills the carrier the rental costs, making things simple for users. It is hoped that the system will become standard for all Android devices in the future.


An additional feature of this service is for users to opt whether to just use the basic rental service or a more value-packed subscription-based service that is based on the usage WildTangent’s “WildCoins” virtual currency for paying for the rentals and additional in-game items. Those using the subscription service can also choose to watch advertisements instead of using Wildcoins to pay for their purchases.

Source: Electronista