Adobe recently released the update to their Flash Player to 10.3 – bringing with it performance fixes, extra stability, and user privacy protection. Users of Android smartphones and tablets as well as Windows, MacOS and Linux desktops can now download the updated multimedia player for their devices.

Adobe’s Flash Player is a popular plugin for web browsers that allow for complex animations and scripting to occur in what would normally be a standard webpage. It’s popularity grew when games started to come out embedded in webpages, but instantly exploded when Flash Video became one of the most popular means for its use – particularly as part of streaming video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and more recently, Hulu.

Google’s Android smartphone OS is one of the first few mobile OS’es to completely be able to implement Adobe’s Flash Player into their web browsers without much limitations. Beginning with version 2.2 Froyo, Android smartphones have shipped with a version of Adobe Flash plugins on their web browsers and could run most of Flash’s rich content online, giving its users a great representation of the desktop experience.

When the Flash Plugin reached version 10.2, Adobe improved the playback of higher quality video through hardware acceleration. This allows Flash to use some of the resources that it wasn’t able to utilize before and thus, provide a much smoother experience. With version 10.3, it brings it a step further, giving us stability improvements, privacy, and security fixes, as well as providing support for tablets running Android 3.1 Honeycomb.

For heavy users of Flash content on their browsers, this upgrade is pretty much a no-brainer. Though it has to be said that if you own some of last year’s flagship Android models, the large 12MB install is something we cringe seeing – especially since it cannot be installed to the SD card.

If you have the extra space and looking to play a lot of Flash content on your device, pick this one up. You can download the plugin for your Android device here, or you can scan the barcode below.

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