Today, we celebrate the five year mark for Android. Call it an anniversary, call it a birthday, we don’t mind — so long as you take a minute to celebrate what it is.

In a Google+ posting, original Android team member Des Smith reminisces on what led up to the launch, to the launch itself. From the stress of getting it ready to Larry Page and Sergey Brin rollerblading in to catch the event. He noted his feeling at the time was that they “were about to change the world.” How right he was.

When Android launched, Blackberry was a powerhouse, and the iPhone was little more than a year old. When we take a minute to consider today’s news of Blackberry selling, and iOS taking a page from Android, it puts the success of Android into a bit of perspective.

Five years on, Android is everywhere.

Five years on, Android is everywhere. From watches to PCs, Android has taken over — and shows no sign of letting up. With the open source nature of Android leading to a huge (and growing) slice of the market, what we’ve come to enjoy is only getting better.

In the early days of Android Authority, we weren’t quite doing our own reviews yet, but we linked to just about every review out there. In checking out those initial reviews, one of my favorite lines was from Gizmodo, who noted in their verdict that “The G1 phone and the Android operating system are not finished products.”

Android will never really be a “finished” product, either — and that’s the beauty of it.