Using off-the-shelf components and spending no more than US$600, an Android enthusiast has successfully created a prototype of a 23-inch touch-capable “tablet” that he calls the Android MegaPad.

Martin Drashkov has been working on the project for several weeks, and he has finally made a working prototype of the 23-inch “tablet.”

Needless to say, no one wants to lug around a 23-inch “tablet,” so Drashkov’s Android MegaPad is definitely non-portable.

According to Drashkov, devices like the Android MegaPad open up the possibilities of a touch-based computing device “with a screen size that will enable a whole different set of experiences.” For instance, a 23-inch device could allow two users to interact with the device simultaneously, resulting in what Drashkov describes as a situation where users can “more fully immerse themselves in apps and games.”

Not only will such devices alter user experiences–such devices will also open up possibilities of Android apps intended for such bigger-than-usual-tablets devices. (I’m thinking of chess, Scrabble, checkers, and like games.)

The enthusiast has promised to reveal the technical details on how he made the 23-inch Android MegaPad. The project is most likely replicable by other enthusiasts, especially if DIY (do-it-yourself) instructions are provided. The project also has potential for commercial production.

See Drashkov’s demo video here:

Drashkov explains that he chose Android for its openness and flexibility. He did not mention, however, what Android version was used on his Android MegaPad.

Would you create a similar setup for less than US$600 once Drashkov provides instructions? What would you use it for?

Image credit: Martin Drashkov