Sprint Prepaid

It turns out the top 5 rated Sprint devices are mostly Android, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 reigning supreme. Followed by the LG Optimus G and then the ubiquitous Samsung Galaxy S3, that’s 3 Android phones topping the list with the nation’s third largest carrier. Not bad at all, but there’s more to it than that.

Fourth on the list is the iPhone 4S, with the HTC Evo 4G LTE and iPhone 4 tied for fifth. Sounds about right, but what’s missing? The iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 barely even squeaks into the top 10, coming in 9th. Upon closer review, we can make an even more interesting comparison.

Four Android phones in the top 5 compared to Apple’s two. If we split the difference and call it 3.5 to 1.5, we come up with some interesting statistics. That margin means Android has about a 70% share compared to Apple’s 30%. That’s about the same number as the world market share between the two mobile giants. Numbers don’t lie, and consumers have spoken: Android reigns supreme.

The best part? We haven’t even seen what’s on offer at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. We expect to see more of the HTC One, and maybe even get some news about the Galaxy S4. We already know it won’t make an appearance, but some official specs would be nice! Apple and the iPhone may be in for a rough road, if it even cares.