Some crafty sleuthing has revealed that Android users access Facebook more than any other operating system. With 192 million monthly active user accounts, Android has a huge lead over it’s nearest competitor iOS, with 147 million. The Facebook mobile app, messenger, had 56 million, with over half of that being Android users. Those using iPads comprised a very healthy 48 million users. If we consider Android’s 54% marketshare of the mobile industry, those numbers have added credence.

As Facebook no longer makes its user numbers for mobile public knowledge, an analyst for Enders Analysis calculated those monthly active user accounts, or MAU. Having recorded the figures since at least September of 2011, the trends and numbers are interesting. If we take Android and iOS as an example, in September of 2011 Android had 66 million MAU while iOS had 91 million. By December of 2011, Android had passed iOS up. The numbers noted above are from November of 2012, signifying an increasing gap in MAU.

While Facebook mobile comprises a respectable number, it’s important to note that there are many third party apps that Facebook can’t keep track of. Tracking user statistics is important for them to make their services more interesting. After all, it’s knowing how and what you’re doing on Facebook that allows them to make it better for the users.

Facebook is now reportedly interested in acquiring the popular WhatsApp messenger to give themselves more control and better understanding of how people are  using their services. In the U.S. and Canada, Whatsapp is a close second to Facebook Messenger, but in other parts of the world Whatsapp has a commanding lead. Outright ownership of a very robust messaging app that could be integrated into their own messaging system could be a powerhouse.