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Android distribution numbers for June, did Android L make the cut?

Google has released their most recent Android Distribution numbers, KitKat sees a healthy jump, Jellybean and others are down. Did Android L make the cut?
July 7, 2014
android 4.4 kitkat logo 1

Google has released their most recent Android distribution numbers for the seven day span ending July 7th. With no surprises in the stats, we are happy to see KitKat growth up to almost 18 percent.

A quick look at the numbers reveals KitKat up 4.3 points to 17.9 percent. Despite 4.2.x seeing a half point jump, Jelly Bean overall lost a couple points, down to a combined 56.5 percent. Same story for Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich, both seeing a couple points drop to 13.5 and 11.4 percent, respectively. Finally, our old buddy Froyo lost a tenth of a point, but gets to stick around for another month, rocking 0.7 percent. Head on over to the Android Developers page for all the number.

Android Distribution July 7

What about L?

You were probably thinking it, so I’ll talk about it. Truth is, we are most likely not to see Android L stats until it gets a proper name and number this fall. Either that, or it simply accounts for less than the required 0.1 percent ante to play this game.

During the Android distribution numbers last month, we called it a serious long shot that Google would give up the next version of Android at the I/O conference in June. Much to our surprise, Android L all but stole the show. Certainly, Google did not launch the full OS for install, but the developer preview was released, and has since seen its way to Nexus and GPE devices, even seeing “L”-ove going back to the Nexus 4. Alas, still no “L” stats this month.

Looking back to older Android versions, the race is on to see which will disappear first, Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich. Neither seems particularly eager to pass on, but, considering hardware limitations, economic viability of continued support, custom ROMs and more, it really is anyone’s guess.

I think Gingerbread will outlive Ice Cream Sandwich – what do you say? Any other insights from the stats worth noting?