There are a lot of features that came with Android 4.2 that got a lot of press. Multiple users, quick settings, and lock screen widgets among them. There was another feature that didn’t get so much press. It’s called Daydreams. While it may sound really cool, it’s essentially just a screen saver. Not a very useful one at that. There is now an app that will make it much better.

The app is called Live Wallpaper Daydream and it allows Android fans to use their favorite Live Wallpapers as a Daydream. While it doesn’t really add to the usefulness, having a pretty screen saver is a lot better than many of the stock Daydream options.

According to Android Police, the app is very simple to use. You simply apply your favorite live wallpaper and the app will make it your screen saver.


Where can I get Live Wallpaper Daydream?

It’s currently available free of charge on the Google Play Store. This may finally give users a reason to actually use Daydreams.

Do keep in mind that not all live wallpapers are compatible with Daydreams. Live wallpaper developers will have to make it compatible first. To try it out, follow the App Brain and Google Play links above. Who is going to give this a try?