image_59A web metrics company going by the name of Net Applications has recently announced that Google’s Android holds 6.15 percent of the Internet mobile browsing market share, putting it in 4th position behind No. 2 Java ME’s 9.06 percent and No. 3 Windows Mobile’s 6.91 percent. Obviously the big gun is still Apple with its iPhone, but is this change foreshadowing what is to come?

With many more phones running Android due for release this year, we can surely expect Apple to relinquish more of its market share; after all, it is quite simply outnumbered. However, Apple’s “commanding lead” of 66.61 percent of the market is pretty convincing at this point. Even though “Android and BlackBerry are rapidly gaining market share” the market as a whole continues to grow and this does not necessarily mean that the iPhone user base is shrinking.

For a more detailed report, head on over here for a comprehensive workup.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.