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Android customization - KeepScreen, the free way to keep your display turned on

KeepScreen is an older app that controls your display timeout on a per app basis. We previously used Tasker for this task, but you asked for an alternative solution, I hope this delivers.
August 14, 2014

A few weeks back in our Android customization series, we showed you how to use Tasker to control your display timeout. Basically, your Android device follows a single setting to control when your display should go to sleep, usually that is set to 30 seconds or a minute. There are times that this is just not going to work, so we customized it just how we like it.

Some of you mentioned that you would like to do this without Tasker; in response, I give you KeepScreen.

The Tasker project tackled this in a very straightforward and binary way – your device is either set to turn off as normal, or, when specific apps are open, the display remains turned on indefinitely.

KeepScreen also handles this in an on or off sort of way, allowing you to simply choose a set of apps for which your display stays lit.

Before we get started

Get it on Google Play Button
KeepScreen is a tiny little free app in the Google Play Store. As this was one of the first customization apps I had ever installed on Android, I think you’ll find it works on almost any device going back to Froyo and even older.

Once installed, open KeepScreen and head into the Applications section.

KeepScreen Main Menu

Choose the apps for which the display should remain turned on.

Tap the system back button to confirm.

Tap the Start / Stop Service button to start the service. Watch for the quick flash ‘toast’ notification for confirmation.

KeepScreen Start Service

Congratulations, setup is complete. Feel free to play with the other options, then exit the app whenever you’re ready.

Just kidding, there is nothing to do here. Open up one of the apps you had set in the steps above, wait a moment… Boom, there is that little red table lamp in your notification bar to confirm things are running. You are good to go.

KeepScreen active

I hope I don’t need to mention this, but do be careful which apps you use KeepScreen for, it cares not about your battery consumption and will keep your screen turned on until you stop it, you’ll need to make sure to close the app or manually turn off the display when you are done.

Next week

Next week on the Android customization series we’ll take a look at another alternative solutions to a task we’ve already performed. Many of you shared some great solutions for duplicating the functionality of WiFi File Transfer Pro, based on your suggestions and requests we’ll run through another option, or two.

KeepScreen is about as simple as it gets, does anyone have any suggestions for a similar app that rocks this level of simplicity for controlling display timeout? Perhaps something that has seen an update in the last couple years?