android cupcakeA new branch of the Android OS development tree is providing some insight into the future of the operating system’s feature set.  The new version of Android, code named “Cupcake”, includes a number of features that were sorely missed in the original 1.0 Android release.

The major new features that are going to be added are as follows:

  • Video recording and playback
  • Bluetooth stereo support
  • On-screen virtual keyboards and keypads
  • New browser features like copy/paste, quick searching, and an improved Javascript engine

There is mention of new “x86” (as in Intel PC processor) support as well.  No idea what that would be useful for, though MobleCrunch theorizes that it might be for Netbooks or similar devices.

There is a large list of bug fixes and new features that will be added to the main Android trunk once Cupcake gets merged into it over the next few weeks.

No word yet when we can expect to see these updates actually make it to the G1, though.