Android Takes Over Apple

Android will soon outnumber iOS

Undoubtedly gaining market share fast, Android will likely overtake its other competitors soon, especially Apple’s iOS platform.  This is a belief and expectation that many people share–especially Acer.

Speaking to Chinese newspaper United Daily News, Acer founder Stan Shih said that Android would soon prevail over iOS (Apple’s mobile platform). The Apple iPhone, which runs iOS, is one of the most popular devices both in the U.S. and elsewhere. However, Android has started to eat into market shares that iOS used to hold. Shih expects that Apple would soon lose this intense battle of operating systems (OS) in the industry.

Shih told reporters that Android is the world’s most popular mobile OS by volume and will soon exceed Apple’s iOS volume. The reason for such a claim is Google’s alliance with Intel to produce more advanced and innovative products that will increase the speed and functions of Android-powered devices.

Shih also said that mobile phones powered by Intel’s Atom processor would outsell Apple mobile devices. Furthermore, the Acer founder does not seem to believe in the obliteration of PCs in the so-called post-PC era.  Instead, Shih thinks that the post-PC era ushers in a lot of opportunities for manufacturers to introduce new form factors of different devices to be compatible with PCs.

It seems quite interesting to ponder about the demise of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. With the recent update of iOS 5, you can see that Apple had copied the pull-down notifications bar that was really exclusive to Android. Does this change signal Apple’s distress? Or is it just mere coincidence? Are the days of Apple supremacy numbered? Will it have an everlasting reign?  What do you think?